Who gave ‘Indecent Proposal’ to Barasha?


Who gave the indecent proposal to actress Bara Rani Bishoya?

One thing is sure, the proposal came from a lady.

But who is this lady, who is considered ‘pimp’ by Barasha and has not so good ‘reputation’ in the social circle?

Certainly, she is a fashion curator and Barasha minced no words about her.

Barsha in her firey post of the Facebook did say that she had worked with her also in a professional arrangement.

According to the post, the modus operandi of the business lady to satisfy high-end clients.

Barasha’s explosive facebook post exploded the long-standing suspicion that a high-end prostitution ring has been working in Assam for long where celebrities are being provided to the high-end clients ostensibly through exotic holidays.

Actor Barsha Rani Bishaya on Saturday took to social networking site Facebook to express her outrage over an ‘indecent offer’ by a fashion curator over an ‘indecent offer’. The popular actor of Ratnakar fame said that she was shocked that a woman can think of selling the morality of another woman.

In her Facebook post, she wrote that she received a call from a fashion curator, who was allegedly involved in “many unsocial activities”. Barsha wrote, “She is nothing but a pimp. I don’t believe things unless I see it or experience it on my own. Have worked with her but it was completely professional.”

According to the actor, the lady told her that a North Indian rich businessman of Assam who deals in electronics admires her a lot and “wants to offer me a foreign trip”.

“A fit of rage ran through my head to toe. Have I had a gun I would have shot right in the middle of her forehead. And hit that bustard hard on his private part. This is what I have been hearing that she offers girls to her clients to settle the deals. Look at her audacity!!,” Barsha further wrote.

Screengrab of Barsha Rani Bishaya’s FB post

Meanwhile, netizens came out in support of Barsha and advised her to lodge a complaint against the ‘fashion curator’ with the police.

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