Lakhimpur teachers’ hunger strike enters fifth day


The indefinite hunger strike called by the salary deprived teachers of Lakhimpur district enters its fifth day on Tuesday. The state government and the administration have given no significant importance on the issue.

Many of the teachers who have been on the strike at Lakhimpurs Tyag Kshetra had to be hospitalised at Lakhimpur Civil hospital due to deteriorating health conditions. The salary deprived teachers also threatened self immolation on 26th July in support of their demand.

But due to Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal’s intervention the event was called off by the teachers. The Chief Minister also assured that the problems of the deprived teachers would be sorted out soon. Aug 10 was put as the deadline for talks.

However CM’s assurance of the discussion proposal has not yet turned into an act which has led the teachers to sit on strikes once again. The state government’s insignificant role has made an influx of other salary deprived teachers of the state to Lakhimpurs Tyag Kshetra.

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