Largest hunt for Tiger begins in North Assam


The biggest hunt for a full grown Royal Bengal tiger in the living memory has resumed near Udlguri to capture the tiger, which has been haunting the area since November last year.

This is the 12th attempt with a team 60 members. The tiger have so far killed 50 live stocks and terrorized the entire Udalguri are abut so far skillfully avoided 11th past attempt to trap it, said DFO  Madhurya Kr Saharma.

So far there was no attack on human but the tiger’s uncanny ability to slip the net has captivated not only the forest but also the local people.

The 60 member team comprised on veterinarians, forest officials and other security persons. They have located the tiger towards the extreme north of Highway but wish that tiger move to southern areas, which is dry and easier for the forest officials to tranquillize it.

The tigress which supposedly strayed out of the Orang National Park which has a considerable population of big cats has preyed on more than 21 livestock and pigs.

Dr Bhaskar Choudhury and Dr Jahan Ahmed of WTI and HoD, Veterinary College, Khanapara, Guwahati, Dr K K Sarma have also made several attempts to capture it live, but the tigress evaded all traps.

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