Last leg of CAB battle begins


The battle of CAB has returned to New Delhi for final leg as all the stake holders have reached  Delhi sharpening their weapons amidst renewed frenzy in the ruling camp to pass the bill by hook or cook.

The AASU, NSO, KMSS< Congress, AGP, BJP all have descended in New Delhi for the last push in their respective ways to either stop or pass the bill.

Te Congress has strategized itself and shall lead the opposition and would stall the house if necessary , informed leader of the Assam assembly Opposition Debabarta Siakia.

On the other hand , enthused by the massive crowd of Saturday’s Prime Ministerial meeting near Guwahati despite state wide protest, the Prime Minister reportedly asked his floor managers in the Parliament to see that the bill is passed in this session itself.

Initially the BJP was little uncertain about the bill and would have gone for division in the Rajya Sabha. But after the Prime Ministerial nudge, the Rajya Sabha is most likely will pass the bill through voice vote even as Congress is bound to create a noisy scene, supported by at least two NDA members, Shiv Sena and the Janata dal (United).

The NESO-AASU delegation is trying to enlist the support of the SP-BSP as the ruling axis are also in touch with them.

Unless something miracle happens, the Bill is going to be a law and the challenging it in the court of law will be the final option.  On the other hand, even if the Congress allows for a division on the bill,  the ruling axis has more votes than anti CAB.

The whole picture will be clear this morning when the BAC of the Rajya Sabha will meet and Chairman of the Rajya Sabha will place the agendas of the next three days.  Today and tomorrow the Rajya Sabha is all set to discuss on the President’s speech and then they will bring the pending bills on the last day of the Rajya Sabha.Notably the CAB was not listed yet for business.

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