LIVE: PM Modi addressing a public meeting at Silchar


4:03 PM: We will not compromise the country’s sovereignty, security, resources and cultural heritage for votes: PM Narendra Modi.

3:57 PM: Our endeavor is to make life of the people in the country easier, to be simple, to do business, to create better employment opportunities: PM Modi.

3:55 PM: We want to prepare a legacy of the infrastructure for the better present and glorious future of the country: PM Narendra Modi.

3:53 PM: Every young in the country, every youth of Assam wants a corruption-free new India. They wants a transparent system free and do not want VIP culture: PM Modi.

3:49 PM: Our government is working hard to fight with corruption and remove intermediaries from the system: PM Modi.

3:43 PM: Our vision is the ‘Act East’ and ‘Act Fast on East’: PM Modi.

3:39 PM: Assam is not just a land but a vibrant society of huge resources filled with rich culture. Here’s a government committed to the tradition, the language of the State: PM Modi.

3:35 PM: The Central government has decided to implement the clause six of the Assam Accord, which was stuck from the past 30-35 years. Clause 6 assures protection for the identity and culture of Assamese people: PM Modi.

3:30 PM: Our govt is also working to get the Citizen Amendment Bill passed in the Parliament: PM Modi.

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