Lockdown: Assam Pilgrims Stranded at Mumbai

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On the sixth day of lockdown called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to break the chain of novel coronavirus, ten pilgrims from Silchar, Assam are stranded at Mumbai. The pilgrims are stranded at Swargam Hotel in Ullah Nagar.

The stranded pilgrims from Cachar urged the state government to rescue them from Maharashtra as they have not been able to pay even the rent of the hotel.

The pilgrims are identified as Umakanta Nath, Shaktikanta Nath, Sampriti Nath, Piyasi Nath, Prateek Nath, Gunjan Nath, Bhupati Ranjan Nath, Nirupan Nath, Maan Kumar Nath.

The pilgrims said that they are running out of money due to the lockdown and therefore sought help from the government to rescue them as soon as possible.

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