Lockdown: Want to buy fresh fish in Guwahati?


The Kamrup Metropolitan District administration has made arrangements for sale and distribution of local Fish to the residents of Guwahati City with effect from April 10 (Friday).

A) Rupnagar Outlet of FISHFED: The facility will be available for the nearby residents of the FISHFED outlet. FISHFED and the customers will maintain protocol of containment of COVID-19 including principle of social distancing issued by the Government. Rate of the category of fishes will be as per existing rate fixed by the FISHFED. For carrying fishes from different sources, FISHFED will issue passes to maximum 5 vehicles per day.

B) Door to Door Delivery of Fish: Under the supervision of Fishery Department and FISHFED, wholesale suppliers will bring fishes from different sources to (1) Uzanbazar Point, (2) Pandu Point and (3) Bhetapara Point through their vehicles permitted by the Fishery Department and FISHFED, Assam. The process of handing over of fishes by the Wholesalers to the door to door delivery persons must be completed by 7-00 AM daily. Fishery Department and FISHFED will depute officials at all the three points.

The door to door delivery persons will collect their quantity from the Wholesalers at the above mentioned points and will sell the fishes in the areas notified against each delivery person by the Fishery Department and FISHFED.

During sale by the door to door delivery persons, following conditions will be applied:

1. Only door to door delivery will be carried out. Sale of fish in market or roadside point will not be allowed.

2. Only fresh and hygienic fish will be allowed for sale.

3. Door to door delivery persons will use bicycles/carts only during sale of fish and the Department will issue identity Card to them.

4. Door to door deliver persons will sell fish as per the rate fixed by the District Administration. Violation of instruction issued on the rate of fish will attract legal action against the delivery persons.

5. The entire process will be monitored by the team constituted by the Fishery Department and in case of any default in the process; responsibility will be fixed on the officials’ entrustrate with the responsibility of the sale process.

6. During sale by the Wholesalers to the Door to door delivery persons and by the door to door delivery persons to the residents, protocol for containment of COVID-19 must be ensured by all.

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