Lok Sabha Passes NIA Bill


The National Investigation Agency (Amendment) Bill, 2019 has been passed in the Lok Sabha on Monday after a heated debate between the Union Home Minister Amit Shah and the Opposition.

The bill amends the National Investigation Agency (NIA) Act, 2008 that provides for a national-level agency to investigate and prosecute offences listed in the scheduled offences. The Act also allows for the creation of Special Courts for the trial of scheduled offences.

The bill passed in the Lok Sabha will allow NIA to investigate the offences in addition to human trafficking which is increasing in the country, offences related to counterfeit currency or bank notes, manufacture or sale of prohibited arms, cyber-terrorism and offences under the Explosive Substances Act, 1908.

Amit Shah, while refuting oppositions claims over misuse of the NIA law, said that the Modi-led government will never misuse the law based on religion but ensure that terrorism is finished off irrespective of the religion of the accused.

Some of the MPs said that the anti-terror law is misused at times to target members of a particular community to which Shah said that the Modi government has no such intention and that it’s only goal is to finish off terrorism but that it will also not look at the religion of the accused while taking action.

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