Low flying chopper creates panic at Nazira


An Indian Army helicopter on Tuesday created panic when it came unusually low and remained stationary barely a few feet above residential places at Nazira in Galeki for few minutes.

The incident happened this afternoon, when people in the vicinity saw a chopper flying unusually low and remained stationary for about 3-4 minutes barely a few feet above the houses of Galeki.

The incident of chopper remaining static for about 3-4 minutes in the air triggered panic among the civilians, who rushed away from the spot.

“We thought that the chopper was going to crash and everybody tried to run as far away as possible,” said people.

Villagers filed an FIR about the irresponsible activity of Indian Army. Fortunately none of the villagers suffered any serious injury. Part of a houses collapses and electricity services disrupted due to strong winds.

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