LS ticket rumours keep parties on tenterhooks


All round rumours, leaks, plants and gossips have kept the election buzz vibrant with the entire centre of activity for ticket distribution for Assam Lok Sabha election has shifted to New Delhi.

The Congress has released the first list and the BJP will follow soon in the next few hours, while AGP too is doing the round of Amit Shah, but it has not stopped rumours mills to work overtime, erasing the thin line between truth, gossip and plant.

Buzz No1 :

BJP strategist Himanta Biswa Sharma is not going to contest Lok Sabha poll and shall be made Deputy Chief Minister and shall look after the NEDA.

Buzz No 2:

Angry for the denied ticket, R.P Sharma may join Congress and contest from Tezpur lok Sabha as a Congress candidate.

Buzz No 3 :

Former Civil Servant M G V K Bhanu will be accommodated at Guwahati from Tezpur. Bhubaneshwar Kalita will go back to Mangaldoi.

Buzz No 4:

Congress has no money and candidates with deep pocket shall be entertained.

Buzz No 5 :

Kamkhya Tasa is the next state president of the BJP as he surrendered his MP seat. Rajen Gohain too surrendered but only ensuring Parliamentary ticket for his wife

Buzz No 6 :

Controversial Student Leader Amiya Bhuya, a former AASU president who went over to Congress and then to BJP, could be the BJP candidate for Tezpur, as Himanta Biswa Sharma is not going to contest.

But honestly nobody is sure how much is the truth, how much are they leak and how much of the total news is planted as politicians and journalists are working overtime to obliterate the thin line between fact and faction.

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