Lumding: Another Land Broker Arrested

Five illegal land brokers from Lumding Reserve Forest have been arrested as of yet.

Lumding Police on Thursday managed to capture another land broker who allegedly brokered lands illegally in Lumding Reserve Forest.

The perpetrator has been identified as one Aafajuddin. He was detained from his residence in Janjur, Noukhuti in Lumding.

Notably, two other brokers were detained earlier from Lumding for similar crimes of settling people illegally in the Reserve Forest, in exchange for money.

Meanwhile, the erstwhile president of the Joint Forest Management Committee (JFMC), Afzal Hussain has surrendered before the police. Another JFMC member, Abu Hussain had also surrendered yesterday.

In the meantime, five illegal brokers from Lumding Reserve Forest have been detained as of yet.

Aafajuddin, Afzal Hussain and Abu Hussain have been produced in Hojai Court.

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