Lumding Salon Owners’ Association demand Financial Aid

The salon and beauty parlour owners’ have faced major problems as the government has not yet permitted to open the same even in the fifth phase of the lockdown with relaxations in many fields with fresh guidelines by the Ministry of External Affairs.

The salon and parlour owners’ which is their only source of income have gone to a standstill and therefore they urged the government to find an alternative so that they could start their business again.

The salon onwers’ have followed the instruction of the government since the first phase of lockdown from March 24 but now they have raised voice for their rights as the government has not allowed opening the beauty parlours’ and salons’.

The salon association of Lumding has staged a protest at Lumding playground on Sunday demanding to take measures.  The owners’ of 130 salons’ in Lumding have staged protest by maintaining social distancing and wearing masks.

The owners’ demanded the government to provide financial aid to the families or facilitate to open the salons’ as soon as possible.  

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