Lumding: Woman Attacks Flipkart Delivery Boy


Tensed situation prevails in Lumding after a woman assaulted a delivery boy of Flipkart online shopping company when he went to deliver a product to the woman.

A delivery boy of Flipkart has to get admitted to hospital after he was brutally attacked by the woman to whom he had delivered the product. Bishal Biswas, who is working as a delivery boy for the online shopping company Flipkart in Lumding went to deliver a parcel to one Mary Dey when he was attacked by the woman after they had an argument regarding the payment.

It has been alleged that the woman had an argument with the delivery boy when he asked her to pay the amount of the parcel of Rs. 305. She then denied paying the money saying that the parcel was not what she had ordered but when the delivery boy argued with her that she had to pay the money whether she accepts the parcel or not and that she can exchange the parcel later through online. But the woman didn’t listen to the boy and attacked the boy with an iron rod.

The boy was rushed to the hospital as he was severely injured in the attack. The locals when come to know about the incident, gheraoed the house of the woman saying that she had done this before also. A local alleged that the woman always ordered something online, and when the parcel got delivered she does such drama in order to avoid payment.

The locals then informed police about the incident and police reached the spot and apprehended both the woman and her husband.   

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