Machu Picchu Reopens Just For One Stranded Tourist


Peru’s iconic Machu Picchu that has been in a state of closure since March due to the pandemic reopened, but for just one visitor. The most popular tourist site of the South American country was reopened for a Japanese person stranded in the country since March.

Expressing his joy and excitement, Jesse Katayama posted on his Instagram account saying, “The first person on Earth who went to Machu Picchu since the lockdown is meeeeeee.”

As reported, Katayama had come to Peru in March and bought a ticket for the alluring site just days before the country declared a health emergency.

In a dramatic turn of events, he pleas eventually reached the local tourism authority, which decided to grant him special permission to visit and explore the site which contains the ruins of the Inca Empire that had once ruled over a large swathe of western South America for hundred years.   

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