Mahabaleswar replaces Cherrapunji as India’s wettest place


Maharashtra’s Mahabaleshwar has become the wettest place in India this year. According to the India Meteorological department (IMD), the hill station in Maharashtra tops even Mawsynram, Cherrapunji’s neighbour in Meghalaya, and now widely considered the place that receives the most rain in the country.

Between June 1 and August 28, the erstwhile wettest place on earth in Meghalaya got 4,730.2 mm rainfall as compared to 6,960 mm in the same period last year. In a normal rainy season (May to October), Cherrapunji, known for its waterfalls, gets about 8,000 mm of rain.

Mahabaleshwar, which falls in the hilly terrain of Western Ghats so far has received 5,619 mm rainfall, about 100 mm more than what it got in the entire season in 2017.

For the first time, Mahabaleshwar has surpassed Cherrapunji.

Earlier, Cherrapunji holds two Guinness world records for receiving the maximum amount of rainfall in a single year, 26,471mm (1,042.2 in) of rainfall between August 1860 and July 1861 and the maximum amount of rainfall in a single month (9,300mm) in July 1861.

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