Maharashtra: Govt. To Turn 25 Forts Into Heritage Hotels


The Maharashtra government is planning to convert some of its forts into heritage hotels to promote private investment into the tourism sector amid the heritage tourism and destination weddings gaining popularity across the country.

The state-run Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) recently spotted about 25 forts across the state that will be offered to heritage hoteliers and hospitality chains on lease.

However, the citizens are not happy with the government’s decision to commercialize heritage properties.

While the state is looking forward to bring more tourism and investment there has been certain dissent shown by people stating that their sentiments are being hurt by converting their heritage lands into business as these properties are memories of their ancient warriors.

State Tourism Secretary, Vinita Singhal while defending the decision said that the forts have been divided into two categories. Type 1 comprises of 100 protected forts of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj which are maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. She said that they has no intention to touch them keeping in mind their heritage values and sentiments of people.

She further stated that it is the Type 2 forts that will be converted into heritage hotels.

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