Maharashtra: Onion Prices Drops with Increased Arrivals


There is a dip in the onion price-run in a week after the government took measures like stopping onion exports, curbing the purchases of merchants to only 500 quintals per day and bringing South Indian onion stock.

On Tuesday, onion was traded at a maximum of Rs. 31.82 per kilogram (kg) compared to Rs. 38.25 per kg on October 10, a difference of Rs. 6.43 per kg.

The minimum prices too dropped to Rs. 11.01 per kg on Tuesday as compared to Rs. 14.51 per kg registered on October 10, a difference of Rs. 3.50 per kg.

Chairwoman of Lasalgaon Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMS) Suvarna Jagtap said that adding onion stock to the market is the only alternative to farmers and has managed to increase the stock.

She further stated that earlier about 25 to 30 per cent of onion was being exported and the farmers who had export quality onion had an option. Exports would have continued even if the Minimum Export Price (MEP) on onion would have been increased but now there are no exports.

Jagtap also stated that new onion from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Bangalore has begun arriving to the local markets. While earlier there were only Nashik onions. Nashik’s new onion the ‘laal’ or red variety will also begin arriving a fortnight after Diwali which will help to drop the prices further.

But the question arises, if the onion prices have dropped in Maharashtra then why it is being sold at Rs. 60-65 per kg in Assam. The onions come from Nashik, Andhra Pradesh to Assam and if there is availability in the market then why the prices have not yet been dropped in the markets of Assam. Is the food and civil supplies department Minister sleeping? When will he get up to monitor the onion prices?  

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