Major NRC goof up in Sonitpur district


Following the incident of Morigaon where a person named Khairul Islam found his name in final draft of National register of Citizen (NRC) after being identified as a foreigner decade ago, another case of major goof up has come to light.

This time, a same incident has occurred in Sonitpur district of Assam. A person from Dhekiajuli in Sonitpur has found his name in the final NRC draft after being declared a foreigner by the Foreigners tribunal four years back.

The person, Shoaib Ali, was sent to Tezpur Central Jail after being declared a foreigner and has spent his last few years in the jail and still got his name included in the draft.

Shockingly, his father Sabed Ali’s name is included in the draft too. This has led to a lot of criticism and question from locals as how a father can be a legal citizen of India and his son an illegal immigrant.

The question that remains now is how a number of people like Shoaib Ali are suffering due to irresponsible work done by others on such serious issues and how can a father be declared a legal citizen while a son is thrown into jail for being a foreigner?

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