Man Sustains Injury After Getting Electric Shock


After a man lost his life at Biswanath in electrocution, another incident has been reported on Sunday where a man was injured by getting an electric shock at Deepor Beel on Sunday.

A fisherman, Krishna Das has got electric shock when he went for fishing at Deepor Beel.

The locals who witnessed the incident has called 108 and referred him to Gauhati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH).

One of the witness said that earlier also many incidences took place where people get electric shock from the electric wires that are lying above the water level in the Deepor Beel. He said that they have repeatedly asked the electricity department to take the wires through the forest but no such work has been done. “Many times it is seen that the wires fall into the water due to which the many fisherman gets electric shock and there are even incidences of death but still the concerned department has not taken any step to remove the wire.”

Hundreds of lives have been lost in the state due to electrocution but the electricity department and the government is least bothered to repair the electric wires and posts which are seen lying idle in most of the places.

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