Mandavali sisters’ deaths: Father fed unknown medicine to the girls, reveals SDM’s report


In latest developments in the case of the three dead sisters in Mandavali, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Preet Vihar in East Delhi has revealed in his report on Friday that the victims had been given an unknown medicine mixed in hot water by their father, Mangal Singh, before they died.

“The facts, that all the three children died during the same day in the morning hours of July 24, her father Mangal Singh gave some unknown medicine by mixing in hot water to all the three children during the night of July 23, and the father Mangal Singh has not returned since the morning of July 24 raise an element of doubt of matter and require further investigation in the matter,” SDM Arun Gupta stated in his report.

SDM Gupta revealed that the three sisters were suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting and the lack of proper medication or ORS solution may have caused dehydration. Gupta also added that Beena, the mother of the children, is mentally unstable and not in a position to contribute reliably to the investigation.

One of the children reportedly had a bank account in her name in the Corporation Bank that had an amount of Rs 1,805. The money has not been withdrawn from the bank. The report has been submitted to the District Magistrate of (East) Shahadara Zone, K Mahesh who has recommended a full-fledged inquiry by police in the matter.

The sisters, aged two, four and eight, had been found dead in their house in Delhi’s Mandavali, suspected to have died due to hunger.


(Featured Image: The Indian Express)


(With inputs from ANI)

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