Manipur: Man Re-plants A Forest By Himself

Courtesy: ANI

A 45-year old man from Manipur, Moirangthem Loiya has replanted a whole forest named Punshilok in Langol hill range in Imphal all by himself.

Loiya has been replanting the forest in the 300-acre area for the past 17 years. Loiya, while quoted by news agency ANI, said that 250 species of plants and 25 species of bamboo grow in the forest.

Loiya also stated that birds, snakes and other wild animals also live inside the Punshilok forest.

The Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, Kereilhouvi Angami also appreciated Loiya’s initiative saying that the initiative will be helpful for the people of the state and it will also encourage others to plant more trees.

Angami, while quoted by ANI said that they welcome all those who protect the environment and are engaged in reforestation. He also said that the administration encourages other people to also take part in protection, revival and re-forestation.

Loiya has been working on the forest since 2002 and Punshilok means ‘Spring of Life.’ According to a report, there was not even a single tree when he started. It was said that the area was completely burnt down by locals for rice cultivation. After that Loiya has taken the initiative to develop the area as a forest and he starts working on it since then.

Before this, Loiya was a medical representative. He had quit his job to work on the forest and lives in a small hut which he built by himself, according to reports.

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