Manipur to achieve malaria-free state by 2021

Manipur is steadily pushing itself to become the first Malaria free state to achieve the “zero malaria status” by 2021 not just in the North-Eastern region but also the whole country, almost ten years ahead of the national target of eliminating the tropical disease by 2030.

Attributing the feat to multiple programmes and intervention by government authorities particularly the State Malaria Office and the local community themselves over the years, Manipur Governor Dr. Najma Heptulla told Pratidin Time that “overwhelming support and cooperation between the concerned Govt department and the local community had been vital to achieve this success.

Heptulla, however, reminded that the state has numerable water bodies that serve as breeding ground for malarial mosquitoes and hence it is very essential that awareness should be given top priority.

“Awareness including that of keeping the environment clean is the key to eliminating this communicable disease” Dr. Heptulla informed.

Earlier this year, in connection with the observance of World Malaria Day on April 25 last, the State Malaria Officer Dr. Thangpa Serto had claimed that India accounts for 4 pc of the total global malaria cases which were reported from 87 different countries.

While Odisha topped the list of Malaria cases in the country accounting for 25 pc, the North-Eastern state of Meghalaya and Mizoram followed closely with Maharastra, Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Karnataka trailing behind.

Manipur, however, distinguished itself as the least affected state in the whole country and earned the best performing state in countering Malaria.

Dr. Serto had also informed that Malaria cases and death in the state has declined from 145 in 2014 to 80 in 2017 and just 12 cases being reported from the interior hill district of Churchandpur and Pherzawl districts in 2018. However, there has been no Malaria related death in the state since 2013.

The detection of the malaria cases in 2018 has forced to determine the target to be changed from 2020 to 2021, Dr. Serto continued adding with no vaccination, it is important that early symptoms need to be taken seriously so as to enable early and complete treatment.

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