Manipur’s 9-Year Old Climate Activist Joins Farmers’ Protest

Manipur’s Licypriya Kangujam, a nine-year old climate activist, has come out in support of the farmers who are protesting against the newly implemented farm bills since last 18 days. Kangujam has been posting videos and pictures of her with farmers at the Singhu border and asserted that climate activists across the world are with them in the agitation.

“Hope my voice will reach all over the world. No farmers, No food. No justice, No rest,” the activist wrote in solidarity with the farmers on twitter.

“Met with children who are spending last 14 days in this cold freezing temperature with their parents and grandparents at farmers’ protest site in the middle of the highway at Sanghu Border,” she tweeted.

Furthermore, Kangujam also urged the farmers to stop stubble burning as it increases air pollution.

“Our farmers are the biggest victims of climate change. Frequent floods, droughts and other extreme weather events like cyclones, typhoons, locusts, etc are destroying their crops…,” she said.

“Thousands of farmers are dying every year. Our leaders must listen to the voice of the farmers. We want climate justice for our farmers and also should take out a permanent solution to solve the ongoing farmers’ crisis at the earliest,” she added.    

According to the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, world leaders are legally bound to a international treaty on climate change. Kangujam, on the 5th anniversary of Paris Agreement on Saturday, showed solidarity with the farmers as a part of a global climate strike against their inaction.

“Stubble burning is being practised for the last many years and hundreds of thousands of years ago. There was no air pollution before. It came only in the last 5-6 years. So, our leaders have to find out how to solve the air pollution crisis permanently. We can’t blame only farmers,” ANI reported.

Often regarded as India’s Greta Thunberg, Kangujam is a youngest environmental activist globally. She has addressed world leaders at the United Nations Climate Conference 2019 (COP25) in Madrid, Spain asking them to take immediate climate actions. Licypriya’s has been campaigning for climate action in India for two years to pass new laws to curb India’s high pollution levels and to make climate change literacy mandatory in schools

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