#MannkiBaat: 10 Highlights from PM Modi’s Speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered his 67th Mann ki Baat on Sunday. The programme is aired on All India Radio every last Sunday of the month.

Here are the ten takeaways from today’s address:

Kargil Vijay Diwas

It was on this very day 21 years ago, the Army unfurled the flag of victory in the battle of Kargil. Friends, India can never forget the circumstances under which the battle of Kargil took place. Pakistan had embarked upon this misadventure, nursing delusions of encroaching upon Indian soil, to distract attention from the internal strife prevailing there. India extended a hand of friendship, Pakistan tried to respond, stabbing in the back. But after that, when our gallant Army displayed deeds of valour, when India demonstrated her might the whole world watched it.

Gallantry Awards

People are reminiscing the Kargil Victory, throughout the country. On social media, they are saluting their brave heart heroes and paying tributes to those martyred with the #Courage in Kargil. He urged the youth of the country to share stories of the heroic deeds of our brave hearts and sacrifices on part of the brave mothers, throughout the day and visit, the website www.gallantryawards.gov.in positively. 

COVID-19 Recovery Rate

The recovery rate in the country is better compared to other countries; the mortality rate in the context of Corona in our country is much less as well, compared to most countries, of course, the loss of even one life is saddening, but India has also succeeded in saving the lives of millions of her people

Following COVID-19 Rules

The hazards of Corona are far from being over. At many places, it is spreading fast. Corona is as fatal today as it was in the beginning. Wearing a face mask, using a gamchcha or a light towel to cover, two yard distancing, frequently washing hands, avoiding spitting anywhere, taking full care of hygiene & sanitation. There are times when masks cause inconvenience, one feels like removing them from the face- especially during a conversation. When a mask is required the most, there is a tendency to remove it. At such times, the PM urged whenever one feels the mask is bothersome to spare a thought for those doctors, those nurses; to think of Corona warriors. They are seen wearing masks for hours together, diligently working to save lives- sometimes wearing masks for a span of eight to ten hours. Talking about Ladakh and Kutch, he said the areas had employed novel methods amid the ongoing crisis, and praised them.

Assam & Bihar Floods

Many areas of states like Bihar and Assam are having to deal with a series of difficulties due to floods. On the one hand, we have Corona and on the other we have this challenge. In such a scenario, all Governments, NDRF teams, Disaster response teams, Self help groups are working in tandem to provide relief and rescue in all possible ways. The whole country stands by those affected by this disaster.

National Handloom Day

The Handloom of India and Handicrafts encompass a glorious history of hundreds of years. It should be an endeavour on part of everyone to use Indian Handloom and Handicrafts as much as possible, and also communicate to more and more people about them. The more the world knows about the richness and diversity of Indian handloom and handicrafts, the greater our local artisans and weavers will benefit.

Students Results

PM Modi talked to students from various states who had passed their Board Exams with flying colours. He congratulated them and wished them success for their life ahead.

Suriname President

PM Modi wished India-origin Chandrikapersad Santokhi, Suriname’s newly-elected President, after he took oath in Sanskrit while holding Vedas in his hand during the inauguration ceremony on July 16.

Independence Day

On August 15 this year, Independence Day would be celebrated amid COVID-19 norms and restrictions.

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