Marginal dip in the 1st phase Assam polling

Highest polling- Dhing, Lowest - Dhemaji


There is a marginal dip in the 1st phase of polling. in comparison to 2014 Lok Sabha election in those same constituencies. belying all information that flowed in on the polling day.

The highest polling in terms of Assembly segments took place in Dhing (91.42) and lowest was in Dhemaji (70.16).

The final polling was found very good and just .05 percent less than in 2014. In fact, in two of the five constituencies, it was more.  They are Tezpur and Koliabor.  There is however nearly three percent dip in Lakhimpur and two percent in Dibrugarh. it is suspected that AGP supporters sat out at home and did not take part in the voting as a protest against the CAB  and the BJP-AGP alliance.


CONSTITUENCY 2019 2014 Difference
KOLIABOR 82.09 80.11 1.98
TEZPUR 79.15 77.87 1.28
JORHAT 77.49 78.32 -0.83
DIBRUGARH 77.26 79.26 -2
LAKHIMPUR 74.81 77.75 -2.94


Here are the top 5 Assembly segments in terms of poling and all of them are in Muslim dominated areas.


Top 5 LAC Voting

Dhing 91.52
Rupahihat 90.57
Samaguri 86.34
Kaliabor 84.89
Naoboicha 84.29


And the bottom 5 Assembly segments are traditionally dominated by indigenous people. They are

Bottom 5 LAC voting
Dhemaji (ST) 70.16
Sadiya 71.49
Majuli 71.96
Dhakuakhana (ST) 72.04
Jorhat 72.34
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