Maximum Bill Passes In the Parliament in 67 Years


The Parliament has created the record by passing maximum bills in its first session after the Lok Sabha elections in the last 67 years.

Lok Sabha passed 36 Bills, out of which, in seven cases, there was recorded voting (21 percent) at some point during the discussion which is higher than the 16th Lok Sabha, in which, recorded voting was called for 8 percent of the Bills.

Lok Sabha worked for 281 hours, which is 135 percent of the scheduled hours in the first budget session after the newly elected Modi government took charge which is higher than any other session in the past 20 years. The session was extended by the Centre in order to complete legislative business.

According to PRS Legislative, additionally, Lok Sabha spent 46 percent of its time on legislative business. The corresponding figure for Rajya Sabha is 51 percent.

It may be mentioned that thirty-eight bills were introduced in the Parliament during the session out of which 28 were passed by both the Houses which is highest for any session in the last 10 years.

Five out of the 28 bills passed in the Parliament have been scrutinized by committees in some form during the period of the previous Lok Sabha. A total of 36 percent of questions were answered orally in the Lok Sabha which is the highest in the last 20 years.

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