Medicine Prices Hiked Uncontrollably in Assam

The prices of medicine in Assam have risen uncontrollably in the last six months. The medicines of cold, cough, blood pressure, diabetes etc. have increased more than two times in the last six months.

On the other hand, the hike in the price of generic medicines has left the people in a dilemma as it has risen up to 5-10%.

Moreover, the anti-corruption youth power also demanded 50% concession in medicines for the BPL families. Addressing a press conference on various issues on Friday last, the NGO said that the government should control the price of medicines. “Medicines are not like groceries that if there is an increase in price, people will consume less. Medicines are compulsory and one cannot skip a medicine like meal whether its prices hiked or reduced. Therefore, the government should provide 50% concession in medicines for the BPL so that they can afford the medicines,” the NGO said.

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