Meet ‘Blob’ : An Organism With No Brain But 720 Sexes

The Paris Zoo unveiled a new creature on Wednesday (October 16) which they call a “blob”, a yellow lichen-like organism they said has surprising behaviours and abilities for something they can’t yet even classify.

Part of the Myxomycetes family, a class of slime molds, a blob is neither an animal nor a fungus but has characteristics of both.

Though it has no mouth, no stomach, and no eyes, the blob can still detect and eat its food.

“The blob is a living being that is part of some of nature’s mysteries. We don’t really know what it is,” the director of the Paris Museum of Natural history Bruno David said, adding that it lives and grows in damp forest undergrowth away from the light.

Studies on the yellow mold-like slime show it can heal itself in two minutes if cut in half, has as many as 720 genetic sexes and can move up to four centimeters and hour without any limbs. The “blob” doesn’t even have a brain, yet it is capable of finding solutions to problems and transmitting the knowledge it learns.

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