Meghalaya Conducts Lowest COVID-19 Test in NE


Meghalaya’s COVID-19 test rate is 50 percent or less compared to all Northeastern states, barring Nagaland.

According to a government data, Meghalaya conducted 18,037 tests amongst the 32.24 lakh population till June 27. Therefore, it has tested just 5,595 samples per million and this ratio is the lowest among the northeastern states.

Meghalaya has two major centers as far as testing facilities are concerned. The testing centers are one at NEIGRIHMS in the state capital Shillong and the other at Tura Civil Hospital, Garo Hills. There are few other centers which can conduct a limited number of tests.

As far as other NE states are concerned, Manipur which has a population close to Meghalaya with 31.03 lakh, has tested 48,220 samples and it has therefore tested 15,540 per million of its population.

Manipur has conducted the highest test per million in the northeast, closely followed by Tripura with 15,329 tested per million, Sikkim 15,390 per million and then Arunachal Pradesh with 15,042 tested per million.

Mizoram and Assam have conducted 10,777 per million and 10,921 per million tests respectively.

Nagaland has the second lowest rate. It has conducted 14,217 tests till June 27, which translates to 6,613 per million tests. Nagaland has a population of 21.50 lakh. All other northeastern states have conducted over 10,000 per million tests.

Assam has so far conducted the highest number of tests: 3,74,519. It has a population of 342.93 lakh. Tripura has conducted the second highest 61,194 tests with a population of 39.92 lakh.

Meghalaya also has the highest recovery rate with 42 people having recovered out of the total 50 positive cases reported, with one dead.

The recovery percentage of Meghalaya is therefore the highest in India at 84 percent.

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