Shillong hospital owner dead, 6 relatives tested +ve

Shillong, India - July 28, 2015: Indian people wake up to the news that their beloved past president is dead. Vendors selling papers the morning after Past Indian President APJ Aabdul Kalam dies at the Bethany Hospital in Shillong, India. The newspaper's headline reads about his death. The popular president was delivering a lecture at the India Institute of Management in Shillong, India on July 27. Two minutes into his speech, he collapsed from a massive cardiac arrest. He was taken to Bethany Hospital, shown in this photo.

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#Six of his family member positive

#Bethany Hospital Sealed

#Pilot Son in law suspected as the carrier

#2000 in quarantined in Shillong

#Shillong doctors working in Assam traced

Dr John L Sailo Ryntathiang, owner of the Bethany hospital, Shillong died early this morning due to Coronavirus.

 It is the second death of North East India. Six of his family members also tested COVID-19 positive. This has caused a great health scare in Shillong as the hospital and doctor are very popular in Shillong and Dr Sailo is extremely regarded person in the Shillong civil society.

Dr. John L. Sailo Ryntathiang, the 69-year-old breathed his last around 3:00 AM. He was tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday, following which, the entire Hospital was sealed and the ones present at Bethany were asked to go into quarantine with immediate effect.

He was quite a popular doctor of Shillong. He might have contracted the disease from his pilot son in law who had travelled to New York and still asymptomatic.

Following the confirmation of the case, the government of Meghalaya has imposed a curfew of 48 hours in the Shillong Agglomeration area starting from 6AM of April 14.

The government has also urged all residents of the state who may have visited Bethany Hospital after March 22 to get themselves checked for the virus.

“With the first case of coronavirus coming to light, we have a challenge in front of us. But we are fully prepared for the situation,” said Conrad Sangma, chief minister of Meghalaya.

He added that Bethany Hospital has been quarantined and completely closed. All staff members and patients of the hospital have also been quarantined. 

in Guwahati also contract tracing of the doctor has been going on.

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