#MeToo – MJ Akbar hires 97 lawyers against Priya Ramani

Following the charges of sexual misconduct levied by journalist Priya Ramani, Minister of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar on Monday filed a criminal defamation complaint against her. Surprisingly, 97 lawyers of a law firm have been roped in to defend Akbar in this case.

The Law firm hired to defend Akbar, Karanjawala & Co, called the mention of the 97 advocates in the Vakalatnama as the “standard practice” and said only six are meant to appear in the court for him.

“Our firm has 100 lawyers. We usually have all the names printed in one vakalatnama with only the ones who will appear in the case signing it. Our criminal team has six members and only those six will appear in this case. Only they have signed the vakalatnama,” a spokesperson of the firm was quoted as saying.

However, the news about 97 lawyers working to defend Akbar drew sharp reactions on social media. Pointing that this showed the consequences “lone voices” have to face for speaking out, several journalists and other Twitter users sided with Ramani.


(Featured Image – News Nation)

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