Mexico pipeline explosion : Death toll rises to 73


The death toll in Central Mexican state of Hidalgo pipeline explosion has risen to 73. Hidalgo state Governor Omar Fayad announced the latest toll in a tweet.

Omar Fayad tweeted “ , 73 people deceased. The number of wounded is 74. 24 people are served in hospitals in Hidalgo and 50 in hospitals in the CDMX, EdoMéx, Queretaro and Guanajuato. The task is to stabilize people to continue with the appropriate treatments”

54 bodies have been identified so far. The families of the deceased have gathered at the site hoping to see their loved ones.

Reportedly fuel thrives cracked the pipeline and were trying to fill up containers when the explosion occurred . A major crackdown on rampant fuel theft was launched by Mexican President Mexican President  Andres Manuel  Lopez Obrador on Saturday.

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