MFC manager arrested in Sivasagar

Microfinance companies (MFC) are creating terror among the people across Assam right now.

It has been alleged that a microfinance company named Fusion has been cheating the locals of Sivsagar telling them for providing loans.

Indrajyoti Sarmah the manager of the company had collected Rs 300 from each loan applicant as a bribe, in the name of providing the loan. When the public goes to the office, he uses to assure them by asking them to wait for a few more days. If anyone doesn’t give a bribe, he doesn’t use to give loans to them.

But on Tuesday, one loan applicant woman reached to his office, but he treated the woman in an abusive manner. Moreover, he became angry with a journalist, when he asked Sarmah regarding the signature of the applicants, which he took on revenue stamp without giving loans to them. But instead of replying to the question, Sarmah threatened the journalist to break the camera.

The woman had already filed an FIR in Sivsagar Sadar Police Station and based on it police have already detained the accused manager Indrajyoti Sarmah.

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