Minors Impersonating As ULFA Apprehended


Two minors were apprehended by Khetri police on Sunday morning for demanding ransom in the name of ULFA.

As per reports, a local retired pharmacist Dharma Kanta Choudhury from Saturday night was threatened over the phone on ULFA’s name by some unknown persons.

“They said that if Choudhury doesn’t pay them a sum of Rs 5 lakh by today, then his house would be bombed. Choudhury informed the police and agreed to pay the ransom. The two minors were arrested from near Khetri when they came to collect the money. One of the apprehended minor is a Class VIII student and the other is a Class XI student. We have recovered one mobile phone and two knives from their possession,” police informed.

It is assumed that the two minors impersonated as ULFA and demanded ransom only to make some “quick money”.

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