Mira Borthakur dares BJP


BJP leader Mira Borthakur, who was expelled on Wednesday, had called for a press meet on Thursday, alleging foulplay.

Borthakur claimed, “I was expelled from the position of a primary member of the party through one WhatsApp message.”

Terming the expellation unconstitutional, the BJP leader said that the she was intentionally removed from the party adding, “I will never accept this decision.”

Borthakur alleged that she was given no opportunity to justify her stand.

“I am not against the party, I was just supporting what it had promised in its manifesto. As I had protested against the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 and Rajen Gohain, the women’s wing took this step against me”, stated Borthakur.

The BJP leader further stated that she will forever remain under the banner of BJP and that she wants no harm to the party.

She also asserted that she will be back as an active member once the two-three evil and self-centred people leave the party.

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