Mob abuses Muslim man in Biswanath


In a shocking incident of intolerance, a muslim  elderly man, alleging him of selling beef, was publicly abused in Biswanath district on Sunday.

The incident came to light when the video of the assault went viral over social media setting an upsurge of voices against communal violence.

According to reports, the police have detained at least five people in suspicion of being involved in the act.

The victim identified as Shaukat Ali, 68, was abused on the road and had been forced to eat pork as punishment by locals.

The Assam Police taking to Twitter informed that the FIR has been registered and that necessary actions would be taken against the culprits.

In the video, the cow vigilantes had been heard interrogating Ali whether he was from Bangladesh and if he had the license to sell beef.

Netizens have condemned such incident of cow vigilantism after the video made rounds over all social media platforms. Such instances of communal violence is nothing but demeaning to Northeast.

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