“Modi Ji Is My Son” – Bilkis Dadi


Bilkis Dadi – the 82-year-old poster child of the anti-CAA protests at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh – said today that PM Modi is like her son and she would be happy to meet him if invited.

More popular as “Dadi”, she was very recently included in the TIME magazine’s list of 100 “Most Influential People of 2020”. Incidentally, PM Modi also made it to the list.

When asked by ANI if she would like to meet the PM, the lady, who became the face of the Shaheen Bagh protests by doing peaceful demonstrations continuously for three months until the time the protesters were finally evicted due to COVID-19, reportedly said, “Why not. I would go. What’s there to be scared about?” As the reporter asked her if she would like to share her grievances with PM Modi, she said: “Modi ji is my son. I am like his mother. I didn’t give birth to him… my sister did. (But) he is my child.”

She was further quoted by ANI as recalling the protests as, “We continued our sit-in even as it rained or mercury dropped or temperature shot up. We had been sitting ever since our kids were thrashed in Jamia. Shots were fired in front of us, yet nothing deterred us.”

Bilkis Dadi also congratulated PM Modi for his inclusion in the list, besides commenting on the fight against the pandemic.

The TIME magazine’s list of 100 “Most Influential People of 2020” also included Ayushman Khurrana, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, US President Donald Trump, Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Professor Ravindra Gupta.   

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