‘Modi Mango’ rocking Lucknow festival


Seemingly, the Modi Tsunami ‘Tsunamo’ is not yet over as after Modi sarees, now it is time for Modi mangoes. Yes you read that right! A mango festival in Lucknow, celebrating the different varieties of the “King of Fruits”, has put ‘Modi Mango’ on display.

The 450 grams ‘Modi Mango’, which has been evidently named after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has turned all eyes towards it among around 700 varieties in display at the festival, which has been organised by the state government along with the Department of Horticulture and Food Processing and Uttar Pradesh Tourism. .

Speaking to the media the General Secretary of the Mango committee, Upendra Kumar Singh, said that the aforementioned variety of mango has been able to attract immense popularity likewise like Modi.

Singh has also informed that the name of the mango will be documented and patented.

According to reports, it was during the PM’s interview with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar that he expressed his love for mangoes that has led many mango growers naming the fruit after him.

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