Molasses Used To Run Illegal Hooch Business: Suklabaidya


Forest Minister Parimal Suklabaidya on Sunday said that most of the people brought molasses from Bihar to feed animals and that most of the people in Assam are running the illegal business of hooch (sulai) by using molasses.

The minister said that there should be proper law and order in order to prevent this business but it needs some time. He further informed that the illegal business of hooch is running not only in tea garden area but also in other parts of the state and that they are trying to close this business of illegal liquor sale.

Suklabaidya also stated that this business has reduced to some extent but it needs to be completely stopped. He also said that if there is any excise officer involved with the business then it would be investigated and if anyone is found guilty then they would be punished.

Suklabaidya also reiterated that the investigation report would be made public and action will be taken against the culprits immediately.

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