Nagaon Paper Mill Employee blames GoI for suicide


Biswajit Mazumdar, the Nagaon Paper Mill employee, who committed suicide on Monday after being deprived of the monthly salaries for more than 27 months, blamed the Government of India for his death.

His colleagues, upon receiving distress calls from his wife, broke open the door of his quarters and found his decomposing body hanging from the ceiling.

A suicide note on the door of his refrigerator read, “I quit. GOI (Government of India) is responsible for my death.” Biswajit was the Utility and Distribution Manager at Nagaon mill of Hindustan Paper Corporation (HPC) in Jagiroad.

According to reports, ever since the mill closed down, Biswajit was dipping into his savings to keep the family going and he took the extreme step on Monday after his savings too ran out.

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