NDA Tsunamo 2.0, Modi becomes PM again


The BJP swept aside opposition in a Tsunami like voting across India easily winning the 2019 Lok Sabha and buried Congress in a humiliating defeat.

In the process, they entered forcefully in West Bengal, did well in Uttar Pradesh despite BSP-SP alliance, retained the Hindi heartland.  For Congress, Punjab and Tamil Nadu are the only savior.

As the last round of voting was going on, the BJP  led NDA is ahead in 343 just ten short of 2014 tally while Congress-led UPA could not even touch three-figure mark and stuck in 97.

The Congress president Rahul Gandhi is trailing in family fortress Amethi as the Modi wave so strong it swept aside everything in all over India. Rahul, however, won the second seat from Kerala.

The big story came from West Bengal where BJP was in a position to win 16 seats, a big jump from two seats of last Lok Sabha election.  It was a vicious battle between Trinamool and BJP and surely BJP had demolished the Trinamool Citadel.

In the four assembly constituencies, Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim went to NDA while  Biju Janata Dal retained Orissa for the fifth time and Janardhan Reddy’s YSR Congress brushed aside TDP and its leader Chandrababu Naidu.

The NDA partners are assembling tomorrow to elect Mr Narendra Modi formally while Gandhis are in a huddle contemplating how to carry the grand old party of India from this point.

There were talks of Rahul Gandhi offering resignation from the party presidentship but that would be tokenism as it would not be accepted.

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