NE is safe, No plans to modify ‘371’: Shah

Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday assured that the central government will not scrap Article 371 from the north-eastern states.

“The people of this country understand the difference between 370 and 371. Whoever is saying that the Central government will scrap 371 and put the fate of the Northeast in danger are trying to mislead the people. Rest assured, no changes will be made in Article 371 and north-eastern states are safe”: Shah said.

The development comes on the same day after the Congress MP Manish Tewari alleged that the government is sending a wrong message to the Northeastern states by scrapping Article 370.

Pointing out at the Section 3 of the Constitution, Tewari said, “Before taking the consent of Jammu and Kashmir’s legislative assembly, which doesn’t exist, you cannot scrap Article 370.  By imposing President’s rule in the north eastern states, and using the rights of their Assemblies in the Parliament, you can scrap Article 371 too. What message are you sending to North-eastern states? What kind of precedence is this?” 

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