NE Not To Fear Over Article 371: Jitendra Singh

Union Minister of State for Development of North Eastern Region, Jitendra Singh on Friday rejected the fears of Article 371 of the Constitution which has special provisions for other states, mostly from the Northeast.

Article 371 is the next in line to be scrapped after the Modi government’s move on Article 370 that gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

Singh in a tweet on Friday morning said, “North East has nothing to fear, Art 371 will stay as it is.”

Union Home Minister Amit Shah also allayed the fears about Article 371 who moved the resolution to scrap Article 370 for Jammu and Kashmir.

Drawing a comparison between the two Article 370 and 371, Shah made it clear saying that there was no comparison between the two Article and that attempt was being made to mislead country and public. He also said that there was no intention of the government to remove Article 371 which gives certain special rights to some Northeast states.

Article 371 (G) of the Constitution states that the Parliament cannot decide on the matters of the religious and social practices of the Mizos, civil and criminal law of the land, land ownership transfer and customary law procedure without the consent of the Assembly while Article 371 A states that no act of Parliament shall apply to the state of Nagaland in respect of the religious or social practices of the Nagas, its customary law and procedure, administration of civil and criminal justice involving decisions according to Naga customary law and ownership and transfer of land and its resources. It shall apply to Nagaland only after the state Assembly passes a resolution to do so.

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