NECHRI Organizes Cycle Rally for Breast Cancer Awareness

A cycle rally has been organized by North East Cancer Hospital and Research Institute (NECHRI), Jorabat to mark the Breast Cancer Awareness month. Around 30 female riders had joined in the rally to spread the awareness on breast cancer. 

Breast cancer is a common cancer in women and is one of the leading causes of death. The disease can be treated if diagnosed early. Most of the patients attend for treatment at late stages due to lack of awareness. The motive behind the rally was to make women particularly young ladies to know the intitial signs and symptoms of the disease and motive them to come forward for necessary consultant with physicians if any warning sign is noted.

The riders travelled from Dighali Pukhuri to Chandmari and again back to the starting point. Managing Director of NECHRI Dr. M. N. Baruah, Chairman Ganesh Tamuli, Deputy Superintendent Dr. D. K. Nath, Chief Operating Officer Dr. Gitartha Roymedhi along with other senior consultants were present during the programme. The programme was headed by Imtiaz Ali and Akshyamala Mahanta of NECHRI.

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