NEEPCO excess water submerges over 100 villages in Golaghat


Over 100 villages in Golaghat district of the state have been submerged in flood waters again on Monday as NEEPCO (North East Electric Power Corporation) has released excess water from its Doyang hydro electric project situated in hilly region of neighbouring Nagaland.

The parts of upper Assam and hills of Nagaland experiences heavy rains in last two days which triggered overflow of NEEPCO’s dams on Doyang river in Wokha district of Nagaland. Following release of excess waters from dam of NEEPCO’s Doyang project, both Dhansiri and Doyang rivers in downstream Golaghat district flowing over danger level on Monday.
The surging waters of both Dhansiri and Doyang river inundated over hundred villages in Golaghat district. Morongi revenue circle in the district was affected most in recent flood in the district.

Golaghat district administration has alerted people living in both banks of Dhansiri and Doyang river. SDRF (State Disaster Response Force) personnel have been deployed in some villages to rescue marooned people.

In July last Golaghat district experienced a devastating flood. Assam government blamed NEEPCO for the Golaghat flood fury. NEEPCO without informing the downstream Golaghat district administration released excess waters from its dam of Doyang hydro electric project which created flood havoc in the district.

The Doyang hydro electric project of NEEPCO situated on the River Doyang, a tributary of the River Brahmaputra, this Project with a capacity of 3 X 25 MW and an estimated annual generation of 227 Million Units was commissioned on the 2nd week of July’2000.


(Featured image : The Sentinel)

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