Negative repercussions in the image of Sankardev

Many controversial Fatwas on Sankardev Sangha families coming into the limelight and brought dilemmas in the society.

The Sangha had landed into controversy after one of its units banned a family from associating with it for starting a pig farm at Ghahigaon under Gohpur subdivision.

The Sangha has come under the attack of media and various civil society organizations, due to the controversial Fatwas which they issued from time to time. But, Sangha frontal bodies denied the existence of any such rules.

After Gohpur, many cases had come out in almost every corner of the state. Two youths of Kaki (Lanka, Nagaon) also faced such rules regarding establishment of broiler farm or piggery.

Reportedly, Sangha Prathamik/Ancholik issued number of such Fatwas especially related with the youth entrepreneurship since long, for example “If you want to open a broiler farm or a piggery, to earn a dignified livelihood and be a successful entrepreneur, make sure that you are not a Srimanta Sankardeva Sangha member”. There might be many such cases like this.

The Sangha formed in 1930 with the intention of promoting the teachings and beliefs of Srimanta Sankardev. But, such Fatwas produced negative repercussions for the image of Srimanta Sankardev.

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