NEIFT, XS Celebrate Christmas With Underprivileged Children

Christmas came early for many underprivileged children in Guwahati, when North East Institute of Fashion Technology (NEIFT) in association with XS- The Place To Be organised a pre-Christmas celebration for the children on Thursday.

Renowned personalities of the region, megastar Zubeen Garg, Commissionerate of Police, Guwahati, Munna Prasad Gupta, popular actress Nishita Goswami, fashion guru Vikram Rai Medhi and highly acclaimed dancer and actress Meghranjani Medhi graced the occasion and spent time with the children.

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Zubeen Garg said, “Ahead of Christmas, we all present here are experiencing a joyous environment. I extend my best wishes to the organizers of the event and XS is a wonderful lounge. The presence of the children has added to the charm of this place”.  

The children rejoiced amidst fun filled games played with Santa Clause, relished sumptuous delicacies of XS’s menu, danced to cheerful music and engaged with the personalities.

Organiser of the event and founder of XS Vikram Rai Medhi said, “The sole intention behind celebrating Christmas Eve is to bring happiness for deprived children. I feel as members of the civil society we should come together and take initiatives for the lesser privileged citizens. This is exactly what the spirit of Christmas is all about”.

On the joyous occasion, Commissioner of Police Munna Prasad Gupta said, “Play is the shortest route between children and their creative calling. We must let the children make the most out of their childhood”.

After engaging in exciting games such as musical chair, the winners were awarded with token of appreciation by the personalities. Besides, all the children were given presents and chocolates.

Actress Nishita Goswami and Meghranjani Medhi were immensely happy to spend time with the children during this festive season.

Goswami said, “The whole idea of having this Christmas celebration is to focus on the lesser privileged children and bring a smile to their faces. Such events should be conducted and the children should get the care they deserve”.

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Furthermore, Meghranjani Medhi said, “We all love to spend time with children. It is a pleasure to experience their innocence and be a part of it. This year has been of great despair, and at the end of the year with such an event, we can get a new direction for the future”.

The celebrations ended on a cheerful note, creating a stepping stone towards a good cause during this festive season.

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