New bridge over Brahmaputra from Fancy bazaar


The New Bridge over river Brahmaputra from Fancy bazaar area of the Guwahati city shall start work from November this year as DPR have been finalized and the Assam PWD have taken over the project from GMDA.

The proposed bridge will originate from Fancy Bazar and  Bharalumukh side and join as a Y junction over the river beyond Sonram School and then go 1.6 kilometer over the river to the other side and the split into two side again and go over the North Guwahati side by another 5 kilometer over crowded populace of College Nagar and Gauripur..

This will be the third bridge over River Brahmaputra at Guwahati and the fourth one is coming at Chandrapur side which will take some more month to start the work. Meanwhile the work on a foot bridge via Umamndna is also going on in full swing. These three bridges are going to revolutionize Guwahati’s road communication as it will connect to North bank in much easier way reducing the pressure on the existing Saraighat Bridge.

The total cost of the project will more than Rs 2000 crore and for that a loan has been sanctioned from the BRICS bank and SMEC has produced the DPR and in the next month the Global tender will be floated for selecting one contractor for construction and another for the project management consultancy.

The total length of the bridge will be 8.5 kilometer of which 1.6 kilometer will be on the river while Guwahati side have  1.8 kilometer over the surface and North Guwhati side will have 5.1 kilometer long bridge over the surface. This has been done so that landing of the bridge is smooth and no need for evacuation of the people living in the vicinity.

Already  in Guwahati side 3.5 Bighas and in North Guwahati side 229 Bighas have been taken over by the Government. The bridge is an architectural marvel with Sonapur school will remain protected although two  connecting roads will come over it and join to form the main bridge.

The bridge was announced by Assam PWD Minister Himanta Biswa Shamra last year.

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