New digital platform against CAA launched


Amid the widespread protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), a new online digital platform named ‘Voice Of Assam’ has launched two new websites and to unite all Assamese community. The websites were reportedly launched to build a continuous journey of promoting Assamese ethnic identity, culture and language.

According to ‘Voice Of Assam’, “It is a forum to discuss Assamese pain, generate ideas to overcome the challenges in front of Assamese people and most importantly, to galvanize ourselves to take action. This is a forum by the people of Assam wherever they reside in the globe and for the people of Assam.”

They further said that the websites will build a stronger Assam by bringing awareness of the ethnic struggle and pain of the Assamese community in front of the world, promoting ideas and thoughts for preserving our identity and upliftment of the people of Assam and help save the various indigenous languages of Assam and their ethnic identity.

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