Newspapers bear the Corona brunt


The fake news and myth around Corona has a new a big victim- The newspapers of India.

A fake news that newspaper can carry the Coronavirus has hit the Newspaper industry hard and the readers even if that has been officially denied by the WHO as well as Govt. of India.

But still sections of the people are under impression that newspaper can carry the virus. Ironically the same people think that all the eatables they are going to buy during the lockdown period are free of virus.

T. Jacob John, professor of virology at Christian Medical College, Vellore, also agreed that paper products have a risk of spreading the disease.

However, he added, that amongst all the scenarios through which the virus can spread, transmission through newspapers is the least probable.

“If a newspaper delivery boy has the infection, and decides to sneeze on a paper, then yes, the virus could get transmitted to your home,” said John.

“However, this is very unlikely. I have myself not stopped newspaper subscriptions,” he added.

The federation of the newspaper owners of the state has given a joint statement debunking the theory that the newspapers are the carrier.

It pointed out that all possible scientific measures are taken during the production of the house to avoid any kind of virus coming into the production.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has asked all the Chief Secretaries of India to ensure smooth functioning of the media industry, both print and electronic so that correct news of the    COVID-19 can be disseminated at the fastest and widest possible way so that the newspapers can give more and more information about the disease.

This is the time to drop all these gossips and fake news and remain united in the fight against Corona.

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